Casual Hands

Thanks to the pandemic among many other factors, employers are now facing extreme labour and skills shortages, and are struggling to find qualified and experienced workers to fill urgent roles.

Badi Mahabat will be providing his insights as part of a group of expert panellists at the Australian Festival Industry Conference outlining their observations over the past few years and what they feel needs to happen for the industry to get back on track!

Badi is a recognised expert in the field, having been involved in projects across all of Australia and across the globe. Badi has developed a proprietary owned staff management and reporting software – a recognised game changer within the events industry. He has also developed an the integrated network of sister companies that provide a one-stop, full-service solution to meet all his client’s needs and objectives.

Luigi Jobs is a new event staff management system that streamlines the process of recruiting, onboarding, inducting, and training staff. The platform will be presented exclusively to delegates at this year’s Australian Festival Industry Conference as part of its New Product Showcase segment.

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